Board of Directors

Charles C. Goodfellow, III, Chairman and Treasurer
Neal P. Myerberg, Secretary
Badreyyah Alireza
Brad Andrews
D. Randall Benn
Noah Osnos
James Prappas
John Seidensticker, Ph.D.
Meriko Tamaki
Suwanna Gauntlett

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International Advisory Board

Virginia M. Busch, Executive Director of Endangered Wolf Center and Board Member of SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
Scott Cameron, Senior Vice President R3 Government Solutions
Justin F.L. Duffy, Finance and Operations Director, Pernod Ricard Thailand LTD
David P. Ferris, Director, Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project
Elysée Forrest-Price, Homemaker
Robin Noelle Gansky, Realtor
Roya Hakimzadeh, Film Distributor, Retired Film Producer
Matthew Jeffery, Conservationist, National Audubon Society
Christine Lanser, Development Associate, Forest Trends
Andrew Levin, Retired Attorney and State Legislator
Laurel A. Neme PhD, Author, Radio Show Host
Jeffrey North, Senior Corporate Practices Advisor, The Nature Conservancy
Steven G. Olson, VP Governmental Affairs, Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Justin Oswald, Promotion/Events
Carmen Pang, Freelance Writer/Editor
Lorraine Parmer, Retired Educator
Cory S. Pulfrey, Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Wesley Wang, Principal, Phoenix Partners Group

Cambodia Office

Suwanna Gauntlett - Founder and CEO
Nick Marx - Wildlife Programs Director
Dr Tom Gray - Science Director

Amy Van Nice - Deputy Director of Programs and Environmental Education Technical Advisor
Romica Grosu - Forest Watershed Protection Manager
Dean Lague - Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team Technical Advisor
Eduard Lefter - Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program Technical Advisor and Human Resources
Khem Vuthyravong - Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team Project Supervisor
Sophany Touch - Community-Based Ecotourism Project Manager
Sokhany Pich - Community Agriculture Development Project & Tropical Reforestation Project Manager
Ying Horn - Kouprey Express Environmental Education Project Manager

Yulia Khouri, CEO of Innov8 International Group - Ambassador and Spokesperson for Wildlife Alliance

New York Office

Jessica Knierim - Development Associate