Wildlife Conservation Education Spreads to Battambang Province

Last Month, the Peace Corps group in Battambang province invited the Kouprey Express (KE) Mobile Environmental Education Unit to a local school in order to raise awareness of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. The Kouprey Express gave environmental lessons to 116 secondary school students, over half of whom were female. In these lessons, students learned about environmental issues that face their communities and about what they can do to protect the forests and wildlife. Without the Kouprey Express, many students in Cambodia would never learn about environmental issues that affect their lives, such as climate change, waste management, wildlife trafficking, sustainability, and why these issue are important to them and their communities. 

Later that night, the Kouprey Express held a Community Night Show for around 100 Lavar High School students.  The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) also made an appearance at the night show to assist in educating the students about the wildlife trade, habitat protection, and to help the audience think about ways in which they can protect their communities’ natural resources.  Having the WRRT present at the Community Night Shows, gives the audience a unique and informative perspective about the wildlife trade that affects their communities. 

In the month of May, KE educated 418 students about wildlife and habitat protection, reached 400 community members over five Community Night Shows, and took 95 students and teachers to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center to meet animals rescued from the wildlife trade.  

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