Pangolin Saved from Illegal Market

Earlier this year, a local Cambodian man brought an injured pangolin to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC).  The pangolin showed clear signs of being snared and had an injured hind leg.  The kindhearted man felt sorry for the pangolin and bought it from a trader for the black market price of $750!  With the best intentions, the man brought the pangolin to PTWRC where he knew it would be in good hands.  The PTWRC staff was able to treat the pangolin’s wounds and is hoping he will bond with another injured female pangolin in their care.  If the pair mates, the endangered animal’s offspring will be released into the wild.

Although we are very thankful for the kindness displayed by this man, it is clear that our education efforts are not done yet.  The man had very good intentions, trying to rescue the injured and rare animal; unfortunately, purchasing the pangolin drives the illegal wildlife trade.  The best practice that Wildlife Alliance tries to promote is calling Wildlife Alliance’s Wildlife Rescue Hotline at +855-12-500-094.  The WRRT members always investigate the calls and can confiscate the animals and prosecute the traders.  The penalty for trading endangered species in Cambodia is a prison sentence.  While we are glad this injured pangolin is out of the trade network and in safe hands, it would have been more beneficial if the trader was apprehended as well.  Make a gift to help us educate community members about the Wildlife Rescue Hotline and to care for injured wildlife.