Earth Hour - March 19

On Saturday, March 19, 2016, join us in celebrating the 10th annual Earth Hour! Turn all your lights off for one hour starting at 8:30pm, local time, in a symbolic gesture of commitment to addressing climate change.  Every year, millions of people join together to turn off their lights in order to bring awareness to the urgent threat of climate change. This worldwide movement unites people across the globe that are committed to protecting our planet and aims to create an international dialogue about creating a sustainable world. 

Wildlife Alliance is committed to promoting sustainable development in the communities where we operate.  Our tropical reforestation, community agriculture development, and community-based ecotourism projects all provide locals with sustainable livelihoods, while mitigating environmentally harmful practices. Wildlife Alliance’s Kouprey Express Mobile Environmental Education Unit teaches children and community members throughout Cambodia about environmental issues that face them.  

We hope you join us and millions of others around the world in showing your commitment for a sustainable future by turning off your lights for an hour and getting the conversation about climate change started!