47 Tons of Precious Timber Confiscated

The Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program rangers recently seized a truck carrying 47 tons of illegal timber. The forest ranger station advisor received a tip about a truck carrying illegal timber attempting to leave Aural Wildlife Sanctuary. The station advisor reported the information to Wildlife Alliance's Law Enforcement Manager who instructed the ranger unit to ambush the truck. To prevent the driver from being tipped off, the nearest ranger station did not conduct the operation  ̶  informants are often posted at nearby ranger stations to provide information to the drivers and prevent law enforcement from successfully confiscating the timber. Instead, rangers from a further station found the truck on the road leaving Aural Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounded the vehicle. The team found 47 tons of rosewood and other precious timber on the truck and it was taken to the station for further legal action.

Wildlife Alliance’s Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program partners with the Cambodian government to provide on-the-ground protection to one of Asia’s last remaining elephant corridors. Our forest rangers work day and night, risking their lives to protect nearly 2 million acres of rainforest. Take action today to protect the Southern Cardamom forest!