For two nights, rangers from Wildlife Alliance’s Roveang Patrol Station monitored and kept a house that was suspected of sheltering luxury timer under surveillance. In the early morning hours of September 26, the rangers surrounded and raided  the house and found 7.5 m3 of Thnong or luxury timber (Pterocarpus Macrocarpus) and 12 m3 of construction timber. The evidence was measured, scaled and transported to one of our highly secured ranger stations.

In Cambodia, the luxury timer species Pterocarpus Macrocarpus occurs mostly in the North. Most timber is harvested from natural forests and the species is suffering from over-exploitation and agricultural expansions. Its natural habitats are being destroyed, and the many species are in danger of becoming extinct.
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Slow Loris: Hunted for their meat

In addition to their perceived medicinal value, Slow Loris are also hunted from the wild for the exotic pet trade and for bushmeat. On top of the target on their backs, Slow Loris are disappearing because their forest homes are razed to make way for new cities, resorts and plantations.