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Meet Pursat

Pursat was donated when he was just a young pup by fishermen living on the Tonle Sap Lake in the province of Pursat, his parents were likely killed for entering the fish farms. The hairy-nosed otter (Lutra sumatrana) is the rarest and least known of the three river species currently found in Cambodia. Their numbers dropped so low it was widely believed for several years they were extinct in Cambodia and they are still struggling to recover today. 

Pursat is the only hairy-nosed otter in captivity anywhere in the world and we certainly spoil him! Extremely sensitive to stress and pollution, Pursat receives filtered water from Phnom Penh three times a week and is fed only live fish to avoid harmful toxins entering his system. While caring for a hairy-nosed otter in captivity is a challenge, there is currently no suitable habitat available to release him back into the wild.  Pursat's sweet and playful nature make him a favourite of the staff!

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  2. Construction of large-scale hydroelectric projects, land clearance for settlement and agriculture and habitat degradation caused by water pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, has resulted in the rapid decline of otters in Cambodia. Support otter habitat protection! 
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