Wildlife Alliance cares for and rehabilitates animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC) in Cambodia. We have rescued elephants and many other animals in different situations. Elephant Keeper for a Day is an exciting opportunity for you to get your hands dirty and learn more about our four gentle pachyderms at Phnom Tamao. Learn about Chhouk our youngest elephant and how he came to lose his foot requiring a prosthetic, meet two of our rescued wild elephants and how the human/animal conflict in Cambodia lead them to our center and finish the day with a walk in the forests with Lucky.

Daily Itinerary:

  • Morning pick-up from Phnom Penh Head Office (House. 86, St. 123, Sangkat. Toul Tom Poung1, Khan. Chamcar Mon), at 7:30 AM
  • Stop at a local market on the way to the center to buy some treats for the elephants
  • The first task is to clean out the enclosures
  • Prepare food for our elephants
  • Assist with enrichment and scatter feeds (hide food inside enclosures, barrels, car tires, etc) for our elephants and some other residents at the center, such as monkeys, gibbons, and others
  • Enjoy a delicious Cambodian-style lunch, with fresh coconut juice, and relax in a hammock under a palm leaf roof
  • In the afternoon walk in the forest with our friendly female elephant, Lucky
  • After Lucky’s walk assist in the reward-based training sessions, known as positive reinforcement training, of Chhouk, our young male elephant, who wears a prosthesis, Jamran and Sakor
  • Prepare the evening meal for our elephants
  • Return to Phnom Penh, arriving between 4.30-5.30pm

* All money raised goes directly towards the care of our elephants and other rescued wild animals. ($150 per person)

Website:       www.wildlifealliance.org/elephant-keeper-for-a-day
Email:           wildlifetourspt@wildlifealliance.org
Contact:        095-970-175

Note: The tour is only available for guests 16+ years. Please wear worn or inexpensive clothing as you will be outside working with the elephants in some hot & dusty conditions.

If you have any questions, please email us at wildlifetours@wildlifealliance.org or call 095-970-175 (or internationally, 00-855-95-970-175). If you don’t receive a prompt response by email, please be sure to call us.

$150 per person