Why are we putting the spotlight on civets?

Kopi Luwak or civet coffee has the claim to fame of being the most expensive coffee on the market, with a single cup costing anywhere up to USD $100! These high prices are justified by the claim the coffee is sourced from wild animals, sadly that is rarely true and this cost is now much higher than simply a price tag. Global demand far exceeds natural supplies, leading to inhumane civet "farms”, which capture civets from the wild, cage them and only feed them coffee cherries until the civets fall deathly ill from malnutrition, stress and poor living conditions

our Solution

Wildlife Alliance has been working since 2001 to end the trade of wildlife in Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia. Since then, our specialist Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team has saved over 200 civets from the hands of poachers and many have been rehabilitated and returned to protected forests. However, the international demand remains high and our teams are now finding snares specifically designed to capture civets alive.  We need your help to continue our work and ensure the long-term survival of civets in Cambodia. 
Wildlife Alliance takes a holistic approach to saving civets from the coffee trade, by (1) funding rangers on the ground to remove snares in the forest and prevent civets from being captured by poachers, (2) investigate civet trade networks and rescue the animals, and (3) rehabilitate the rescued civets and release them back into protected habitat once they are healthy. 

You can Be a part of the Solution too!

  1. Say no to civet coffee, your choices as a consumer do make a difference!
  2. Share our Infographic to help others make informed decisions!
  3. Help us keep these cuties decaffeinated and in the forests where they belong, support our civet rescue, rehabilitation and release program!