Only 35,000 Asian elephants remain and we are on the brink of losing this iconic species forever. With the escalation of habitat destruction, human-elephant conflict and sustained poaching, the future of the Asian elephant is uncertain.

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Meet Chhouk

Young male elephant, Chhouk was found as a baby, wandering alone in the forest in northeastern Cambodia. He had lost a foot to a poachers’ snare, was gravely ill from an infection in his wound, and was severely under-nourished. After caring for him for two weeks in the forest and gaining his trust, we transported him to PTWRC and were able to heal his wounds. Unfortunately, his foot was gone for good, so we partnered with the Cambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics to provide him with a prosthesis, which has changed his life completely. He can now walk normally and has avoided any serious skeletal deformities. He is the first elephant in Cambodia to receive a prosthesis and is a celebrated rescue success story.


4 Ways You Can Help Elephants

  1. Say no to ivory. Do not buy buy trinkets and souvenirs made from elephant tusks.
  2. Do your research before supporting elephant tourism, many places still use abusive training methods.
  3. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help us raise awareness about the ivory trade and help us ban ivory!
  4. Make a Sponsorship! Your gift will help care for rescued and victimized animals.