Cardamom Rainforest Protection Landscape Program

The Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program Manager, Mr. Eduard Lefter, held a meeting in Sre Ambel Patrol station to implement the new strategy in monitoring and collecting data about elephant movement in the Cardamom Forests.

Monitoring and data collecting about elephant movement in the Cardamom Forests is an important part of Wildlife Alliance Rangers roles.  Over the longer term, tracking data helps build knowledge of elephant ranging behaviour. This information is key to preserving habitat and the corridors that link areas used by both elephants and and other wildlife.

In review: new operation tactics such as arresting illegal loggers in the forest, immobilizing offenders so they don’t run away, safely removing live animals from hunter snares, providing first aid care to live animals they find wounded in the traps, searching vehicles for wildlife, and questioning suspects so they can fill in proper court documents.

  1. Koh Pao Patrol Station
  2. Veal Pi Patrol Station
  3. Chhay Areng Patrol Station
  4. Trapeang Rung Patrol Station
  5. Stung Proat Patrol Station
  6. Sre Ambel Patrol Station
  7. Chambak Patrol Station
Celebrating Successes on World Elephant Day
Celebrating 10 Years of Zero Elephant Poaching
A Decade of Zero Elephants Poaching in Cardamom Rainforest

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Snares removed from the forest floor.
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