The Community Anti-Poaching Unit (CAPU) is part of Chi Phat Community-based Ecotourism (CBET) in Chi Phat. CAPU Rangers have been patrolling around Chi Phat since 2008.

CAPU patrols were implemented in 2008 as part of Wildlife Alliance’s CBET livelihood activities for members of the Chi Phat village. They are a team of 12, made up of community members from Chi Phat commune, Ministry of Environment rangers and a technical officer from Wildlife Alliance. CAPU was created to increase protection within the forest surrounding the community and the Wildlife Release Station (WRS), one of Wildlife Alliance’s three major release sites. This is essential to ensure a safe habitat for resident wildlife and for animals returned to the forest at WRS. CAPU’s operations not only hold a conservation value, but the increase in the variety and density of wildlife helps our livelihoods projects by attracting more visitors to Chi Phat thereby ensuring a sustainable income for the local community.

Community Rangers Cambodia

In 2016, two National Park Rangers from the Ministry of Environment joined the CAPU team. With their involvement the community patrols have the authority to remove snares, dismantle hunting camps, remove people from the forest carrying hunting equipment and apprehend hunters with injured or dead wildlife. This combined with a comprehensive knowledge of Cambodia’s wildlife laws, enforcement options and maximum penalties ensure proper prosecutions of offenders at local police stations.

Since the implementation of the team wildlife is slowly returning to the area. The Community Ranger team has recently reported signs of wild bears and camera traps have also captured images of dhole and clouded leopards!

1)- PATROL SCHEDULE SOP: The 6 groups will patrol sequentially. 5 teams will patrol every month for 5 days.

2)- PATROL ITINERARIES SOP: Patrols will initially focus on the perimeter around WRS, with an initial radius of 5 km. Radius can be modified each month, based on needs and problems encountered (please see Maps TAB). A Wildlife Alliance (WA) team and the CAPU team leader have assessed the terrain on the ground around WRS last week on Feb 4-5, 2015. Based on this field assessment, it has been evaluated that the following trails are practicable for the patrols to cover the 5 km radius perimeter around WRS (perimeter is approximately 35 km), patrolling along all trails to cover 3,000 hectares in the first month (please see Maps TAB).

Community Rangers

3)- PATROL MONITORING SOP: In order to keep checks and balances, the following oversight measures will be implemented. A WA staff will patrol with the rangers during one of the monthly patrols as follows:

  • Sophany Touch (CBET)
  • Stung Proat ranger station Advisor (Forestry Administration-Wildlife Alliance Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program)
  • Stung Proat Station Assistant
  • Bunthoeurn Roth (WRS)
  • After each patrol, CAPU team must meet Touch Sophany immediately upon completion of the 5 day patrol to download GPS patrol itinerary on his computer. CAPU team will verbally report events during patrol. Sophany will check if what ranger just reported is correct (while ranger is still there on site).
  • Wildlife Alliance team that has gone on-site for the assessment has already assessed that there are two known snare hotspots around the Wildlife Rehabilitation Station- WRS (please see Maps TAB)

4)- PATROL REPORTING SOP : Each patrol group, upon finishing their patrol of the perimeter will meet immediately with Mr. Sophany Touch in order to:

  • Sophany fills in participant list with patrol dates and they sign.
  • Head ranger shows on the map where they patrolled.

Community Anti-Poaching Unit (CAPU)

GIS Map 1: 5 km radius around Wildlife Rehabilitation Station


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