Cardamom Rainforest anti-poaching squad

This morning, 04.30AM a check point made by the Global Park Defense System anti-poaching squad.

We control all the motorbikes coming from O Chai area towards the community area Chi Path. At 07.12 AM one motorbike didn’t stopped at the MoE Officer trying to escape the control. After 400m of pursuit we catch the motorbike, at the MoE inspection we found a mature live Civet in a blue bag.”  said the head of GPDS Rangers.

The offender was immediately arrested and brought in front of the MoE Chef in Koh Kong. The motorbike and the live civet were confiscated. Later on, the MoE fill a transactional fine of 1,000,000 Reals (250 US Dollars).

The Civet was released inside GPDS