The Cardamom Rainforest Landscape covers 2,062,624 acres of dense monsoon forest, melaleuca wetlands, mangroves, and a vast network of rivers and estuaries that constitute the Ridge-to-Reef biosphere running from the slopes of the Cardamom Mountain Range down to the Gulf of Thailand. Continuous dense evergreen forest and good, intact wetlands are rapidly becoming scarce in Asia, and this has been blamed for the decline of many important bird species (BirdLife International, 2001). Protecting continuous forest canopy and the flow from the forest to the coast of sufficient freshwater, sediments, nutrients and vegetation particles is a conservation priority today.

Trapeang Rung Patrol Station is dismantling every year thousands of bird traps, rope snares and plastic nets. On this scale, without the work of the rangers these “walls of death” will create a lot of damage in a sensitive habitat.


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