Are you celebrating this World Pangolin Day?

It’s World Pangolin Day but poachers aren’t celebrating these scaly creatures as we are – there’s too much money to be made from selling their meat for a luxury dish and their scales for traditional Asian medicines.
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Hunted for their meat and scales, more than one million pangolins have been trafficked in the past decade. The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team investigates and disrupts trade networks, apprehends traffickers, and rescues live pangolins.

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Say hi to a newborn baby pangolin in Cambodia Wildlife Alliance

Every five minutes a pangolin is snatched from the wild. Our rangers operate in vital habitat of this Critically Endangered species to dismantle pangolin traps and stop poachers in their tracks. Just last week Wildlife Alliance Rangers  dismantled 2,132 ft of pangolin nets.

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Lucy, a Critically Endangered Sunda pangolin, was rescued after she lost a front and hind foot in a poacher’s snare. Remarkably, she is thriving at our rescue center and three of her offspring have been released into the wild.

Sponsor Lucy and ensure more pangolins are released.

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Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests.

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