Elephants in Crisis

The issue

The pending extinction of African elephants is a global crisis that needs to be solved today. Driven by the illegal trade, at least 30 percent of the continent’s elephants, 144,000 individuals, have been slaughtered in just seven years. On current trends, when today’s children reach adulthood, African elephants will be extinct in the wild. The elephant poaching crisis exists because there is insufficient implementation of effective, professional and organized law enforcement in the majority of African elephant range-states. We need to step in now, before the largest land mammal disappears forever. 

Our Solution

Wildlife Alliance will provide direct law enforcement to halt elephant poaching. By providing direct protection to elephant poaching hotspots, we will turn the increasing poaching trends around. Two major hotspots of elephant poaching that we plan to protect, currently support 10% of the continent’s most at risk elephants. If we do not stop the poaching of the elephants in these hotspots, the elephants will disappear. Successful law enforcement implementation in these areas will prove that direct protection works, and can be used as a model to save the rest of Africa's elephants. 

The Wildlife Alliance enforcement model has proven successful in countries of low capacity, government budget, and political will such as Ecuador, India, and Cambodia, where our work achieved a decade of zero elephant poaching. It has been shown that the decline of many iconic species is directly linked to the lack of enforcement and effective protected area management. Within many 'protected areas' in biodiversity hotspots, protection is rarely sufficient  and key sites are often poorly funded and inadequately staffed. Across much of Africa, parks are decaying with underpaid ranger forces and enforcement is poorly implemented.  By using our proven effective anti-poaching model, we will help stop the disappearance of one of the world's most iconic species.