Founder and CEO

Dedicating her life to protecting rainforests and wildlife in some of the world’s most hostile and rugged environments, Suwanna Gauntlett has set the trend for a new generation of direct action conservationists. Suwanna has designed, implemented, and supported bold, front-line conservation programs to protect threatened rainforests, save endangered wildlife populations, and directly address the causes of poverty in the tropical belt. Read more

Dedicated and passionate conservation professionals


Wildlife Programs Director

Nick Marx has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation, working in park management, wildlife conservation, and animal care in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia for forty-five years. He has extensive experience with large carnivores, primates, elephants, and other mammals, and he holds a master’s degree in conservation biology. Read more

Wildlife Alliance is at the forefront of direct conservation action. Thanks to your donation, our team is able to successfully carry out frontline programs that have protected some of the world’s most threatened forests and wild species.

  • Charles C. Goodfellow, III, Chairman and Treasurer
  • Neal P. Myerberg, Secretary
  • Suwanna Gauntlett
  • Badreyyah Alireza
  • Brad Andrews
  • John Seidensticker, Ph.D.
  • Noah Osnos
  • James Prappas

As of January 6th, 2016, there are 8 voting Board Members.

International Advisory Board

  • Virginia M. Busch, Executive Director of Endangered Wolf Center and Board Member of SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
  • Justin F.L. Duffy, Finance and Operations Director, Pernod Ricard Thailand LTD
  • David P. Ferris, Director, Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project
  • Elysée Forrest-Price, Homemaker
  • Robin Noelle Gansky, Realtor
  • Roya Hakimzadeh, Film Distributor, Retired Film Producer
  • Matthew Jeffery, Conservationist, National Audubon Society
  • Christine Lanser, Development Associate, Forest Trends
  • Andrew Levin, Retired Attorney and State Legislator
  • Laurel A. Neme PhD, Author, Radio Show Host
  • Jeffrey North, Senior Corporate Practices Advisor, The Nature Conservancy
  • Steven G. Olson, VP Governmental Affairs, Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Justin Oswald, Promotion/Events
  • Carmen Pang, Freelance Writer/Editor
  • Lorraine Parmer, Retired Educator
  • Cory S. Pulfrey, Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Cambodia Office

New York Office

  • Jess Knierim – Development Associate