Check point by Sre Ambel Wildlife Alliance Rangers

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A motorbike was seen approaching a random check point in Sre Ambel. As soon as the men saw the

Cambodia – Plan Your Eco-friendly Visit to the Cardamoms!

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Tourism can have a profound impact on local communities. Irresponsible tourism can lead to social displacement, cultural degradation, economic dependence

Preventing Poaching through Community Education

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  A recurring problem in Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia is unsustainable levels of illegal hunting that contributes to biodiversity

The Black Market for Wildlife is Moving to Social Media

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  As technology evolves and people seem to become more dependent on their phones and social media, the illegal market,

Desertification and Drought: An Issue Even in the Tropical Zone

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Saturday, June 17th is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, an occasion that has been observed since 1995 to