Stop Wildlife Crime: In the middle of the night our Stung Proat’s rangers risked their lives to save wildlife from the illegal wildlife market. Wildlife Alliance forest rangers received information from an informant about the illegal wildlife smuggling from Koh Kong to Phnom Penh city. They took immediate action to intercept the transportation.

“The trader discovered that the rangers were tracking him down on land and water,” head ranger Heng Heurt said. “ Before the trader escaped into the night he had hidden the bags containing animals near the edge of the river bank. He was coming by boat from a nearby village to continue his journey on motorcycle riding through the sugar plantation and then take national road 48 to Sre Amble.”
Heng Heurt and his men immediately released the animals into the protected forest – Southern Cardamom Mountains. The animals they rescued include: shy pangolin, furry civets, Bengal monitors and turtles.