WRRT Collected 5 Pythons from Local Residents

This morning our Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) collected 5 pythons from local residents who fear them. These pythons are being transported to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center for evaluation and care before they are released into the wild. Good work WRRT!

Pythons have poor eyesight, so they have to rely on specialized receptors on their tongue and heat sensors on their jaw to find a meal. Pythons are constrictors, meaning that they squeeze their prey to death. They
spend a lot of time in trees but as they grow and become heavier, they navigate on land. They are good swimmers and can stay submerged below the water for about 30 minutes.

Ranger from Koh Pao Dismantled and Collected 1 km of Bird Netting

Koh Kong: Rangers from Wildlife Alliance patrol unit from Koh Pao dismantled and collected 1 km of bird netting and 1,400 pieces of animal snares in the forest. What makes these stringing plastic bird netting or “wall of death” especially dangerous is their ability to trap all kinds of wildlife including bears, boars, pangolins, civets and birds.
It turns out that our rangers had dismantled these nets and snares at the same location last year. “This is the same job we did last year at the same place, where the rangers dismantled and collected 6 km of bird net and approx. 5000 snares,” recalls head ranger Ionescu Dragos.
The success of dismantling these assaulted weapons by forest rangers means that they are saving and protecting wildlife. Good job rangers!

WRRT Seized Boar Meat from the Market in Rattanakiri Province

It is not ok to eat endangered animals including boar, turtle, tusked deer, soft-shelled turtle and monitor lizard. See a photo of boar meat that the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) recently seized from the market in Rattanakiri province. This time the sellers were warned by Forestry Administration officer but a repeat offense will include fine

Did you know that one African elephant is killed every 15 minutes?

As we are expanding our wildlife law enforcement program to Africa, please help us continue our work there. Please donate $25 to save African elephants. Did you know that one African elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory by poachers? The killing is barbaric and greedy. http://www.wildlifealliance.org/donate

Wildlife Alliance Collaborates with Kate Korpi Salon...

Staff from Kate Korpi Salon took a wild tour at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center yesterday. Thanks Matthew Fairfax and Brianne Chappell for your support. Lucky the elephant is sure lucky to be hanging out with the Korpi team. Wildlife Alliance collaborates with Kate Korpi Salon for conservation education awareness raising. Also because Kate Korpi Salon does an amazing charity work in the salon industry by providing skills to the most vulnerable population. To find out more about Kate Korpi Salon organization please contact Matthew Fairfax.

Female Cub Was Rescued in the Forest...

This female cub was rescued in the forest by a farmer who went into the forest to collect fire wood. "I heard the bear cried and cried all alone in the forest," recalled the farmer from Ratanakiri province. Some days later, the farmer handed the six weeks old cub over to our Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT), and they took it to the Free The Bear sanctuary at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre for medical evaluation. "The cub was malnourished when we found her," said WRRT officer Hak Srorn.

Trapeang Rung Station Confiscated 2 Homemade Guns...

It was pitched dark and our patrol unit from Trapeang Rung station confiscated 2 homemade guns, dismantled 29 (1,450 meters) bird nets that were put up by hunters. Still on patrol, the following day the rangers rescued 8 wild birds that the rangers released the next morning after the birds received medical treatment. Good work team!