Chambok ranger station confiscated 18 pieces (1.85m3) of luxury wood

Dec. 2, 2016 - Chambok ranger station: While patrolling the Southern Cardamom Mountains, where Wildlife Alliance protects, the team confiscated 18 pieces (1.85m3) of luxury wood that are worth thousands of dollars. The illegal loggers dashed off to the village of Peamlava in Kompong Speu province.

Meet Chamroeun, one of Wildlife Alliance's rough riders

Hello I am Botumroath Lebun and I am the public relation officer for Wildlife Alliance. I am going to take you to meet our rangers in the field. Meet Chamroeun, 34, from Sre Ambel patrol station. Chamroeun explained: “The luxury wood was confiscated in Prek Pnov commune. The offenders dumped them in the river and left the scene.  The market price of timber is around $1,200 per cubic meter. In September, we had seized 5 cubic meters that is worth $5,000. The woods that we confiscated were transported to the station and stored here.  They belong to the government."

Cambodia’s Forestry Law states that the logging of rare tree species such as rosewood is strictly prohibited. Authorities have said that the luxury wood is destined for markets in Vietnam and China.



High forest crimes are on the rise during the Water Festival celebration.

Nov. 12 at 2am. Rangers (from Trapeang Rung and Veal Pi stations) waited 24 hours to ambushed a driver who was illegally transporting 178kg rosewood in a silver Camry car speeding on National Road 48. The hot pursuit ended when the suspect abandoned the car and fled the scene in the middle of the night. The rangers transported the car and rosewood to the station.

Two ranger units joined forces to stop suspects from illegally transporting 357kg luxury wood

November 13: Two ranger units (Veal Pi and Trapeang Rung) joined forces to stop suspects from illegally transporting 357kg luxury wood from Koh Kong’s Cardamom Mountains to Penh Penh. The chase took place at 8:am when the suspect refused to stop the vehicle for inspection. Wildlife Alliance rangers were in hot pursuit of fleeing driver and ended the chase when the ranger shot out truck tyres leading the Toyota Hilux into a ditch. The three accomplices escaped. The truck carrying rosewood were moved to ranger's station to be used as evidence in court.

Rangers observed during major holidays including the Water Festival celebration taking place now, an increased of illegal logging and wildlife activities are happening on the ground. “People are looking for ways to make quick buck during the Water Festival,” explained Nop Thet. He added “suspects think rangers are on holidays.” He has this message to the menaces: “we’re coming for you 24/7.”

Sre Ambel rangers confiscated wild boar meat from a man

Nov. 12: On Saturday Sre Ambel rangers confiscated wild boar meat from a man who was on his way to the market at 6am. The Forestry Administration officer issued a fine to the offender after being caught with 41 kg of boar head and chunks of meat. He was was fined $750 usd. No arrest.

Watch out, we're coming for you - smugglers and loggers!

Save Cambodia’s Forests

Save Cambodia’s Forests: Late last night, another patrol unit confiscated luxury wood. Sre Amble’s rangers seized 10 pieces of luxury wood (1.217 m3) and the rangers transported them to the station to be used as evidence in court. In the middle of the night our rangers stopped offenders from illegally transporting luxury wood by cart powered by a motor engine. As the forest rangers moved in to the scene, the offenders ran through the sugar plantation.
It is monsoon season in Cambodia. Major illegal wildlife and forest activities are being conducted during the night. Wildlife Alliance forest rangers continue to patrol the Cardamom Mountains. They are looking for the bad guys.

Stop Wildlife Crime

Stop Wildlife Crime: In the middle of the night our Stung Proat’s rangers risked their lives to save wildlife from the illegal wildlife market. Wildlife Alliance forest rangers received information from an informant about the illegal wildlife smuggling from Koh Kong to Phnom Penh city. They took immediate action to intercept the transportation.

“The trader discovered that the rangers were tracking him down on land and water,” head ranger Heng Heurt said. “ Before the trader escaped into the night he had hidden the bags containing animals near the edge of the river bank. He was coming by boat from a nearby village to continue his journey on motorcycle riding through the sugar plantation and then take national road 48 to Sre Amble.”
Heng Heurt and his men immediately released the animals into the protected forest - Southern Cardamom Mountains. The animals they rescued include: shy pangolin, furry civets, Bengal monitors and turtles.

Wildlife Alliance arrests wildlife smugglers and seizes live animals...

I would like to share with you one of the atrocities that we are involved in as wildlife police in charge of cracking down on international wildlife trafficking cases. I lead an organization called Wildlife Alliance that arrests wildlife smugglers and seizes live animals that are being trafficked to China and Vietnam for " traditional medicine." In this case, we arrived too late. The bear was already dead. To read the full story on Huffington Post, click on the image below.