Take a behind the scenes tour of Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center with Wildlife Alliance staff!

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At Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC), Wildlife Alliance aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of animals rescued from the wildlife trade. The animals that are saved by the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) are relocated to the center and each individual is assessed for release based on their health and strength to survive independently. It is home to over 1,200 animals, and no animal in need is ever turned away.

Over 200,000 visitors each year come to PTWRC to see the rescued wildlife and learn about conservation efforts in Cambodia. We are now offering an exclusive behind the scenes tour that will allow you to experience PTWRC in a unique and personal way. For a minimum donation, you can interact with a variety of endangered animals and meet the people that care for them. Walking elephants in the forest, getting up close with tigers and feeding baby animals are all part of this exciting opportunity. Proceeds go towards the rescue and care of wildlife at PTWRC.

Day overview:

  •   - Morning pick-up in Phnom Penh at 8:00 AM
  •   - Stop at a local market to buy fruit for the animals
  •   - Greet the elephants and observe how we train them using gentle reward-based positive reinforcement, when we change Chhouk's prosthetic foot and Lucky paints your free t-shirt
  •   - Enter the tigers' private dens, a section closed to the public
  •   - Get up close with leopards, gibbons, binturongs and other endangered animals Wildlife Alliance has helped rescue and care for at the sanctuary
  •   - Have a relaxing Cambodian-style lunch and fresh coconut juice
  •   - Walk with Lucky in the forest and, on certain days, have a chance to help bathe her
  •   - Visit our nursery in the rehabilitation area, a section closed to the public. Interact with the rescued baby animals and visit our hairy-nosed otter enclosure, the only known individual of this endangered species in captivity
  •   - Afternoon drop-off in Phnom Penh at 5:00 PM (an earlier drop-off can be arranged)

What’s included:

  •   - Air-conditioned transportation (pick-up and drop-off in Phnom Penh)
  •   - Entrance fee into Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center
  •   - English speaking tour guide
  •   - Chilled, bottled water
  •   - Delicious Cambodian-style lunch (dietary needs can be accommodated)
  •   - Wildlife Alliance T-shirt painted by our humanely trained elephant Lucky

What to bring:

  •   - Sunscreen and a hat
  •   - Comfortable shoes and clothing that can get a bit dirty or wet, or even paint on it.

Minimum Donation:

  •   - $150 per adult
  •   - 50% discount for youth 10-16 years old
  •   - 80% discount for children 3-9 years old
  •   - Free for infants 0-2 years old

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Tours operate Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays, for a preferred minimum of two people per tour. For bookings for one person and other inquiries, please email WildlifeToursPT@wildlifealliance.org or call +855 (0) 9597 0175. Once you book, you will receive the meeting address in Phnom Penh with your booking confirmation.

More information about the rescue center is available on the PTWRC Facebook page and the Care for Rescued Wildlife page.